Resourcing the activities and projects of a community link or international project can seem daunting, especially when starting out or developing a new project. Wales Africa Community Links, along with our operational partners, can offer advice and support to voluntary groups based upon sound knowledge of funders requirements, and analysis of applications from across Wales' third sector. As the international programme within WCVA, we collate information on international funding for the whole third sector in Wales.

Wales Africa Community Links Grants

Wales Africa Community Links directly administer a number of small grants funds tailored to the development needs of community-based organisations linking Wales with Africa. These funds are aligned directly with the UN Gold Star Framework for good practise in linking, receive development support and other resources from the WACL team, and profile as one of the network or 'family' of Wales Africa Community Links projects.

Training and Support in Wales

 WCVA’s International team and the Wales Hub for International Development offer advice and training courses tailored to the specific needs of small organisations with international projects. For further information visit:


Funding Briefing

Our briefing "Funding for International Projects" (click to download Feb 2012 full word document) is updated and dispersed via WCVA's information infrastructure to County Voluntary Councils, volunteer bureaux and online. You can view individual sections below: 

  1. Fitness for Funding
  2. Trends in International Development Funding
  3. Individuals and Community Fundraising
  4. Trusts and Foundations
  5. Wales Funding Sources - government and civil society
  6. UK Funding Sources - government, lottery and comic relief 
  7. European and Commonwealth Sources
  8. Development education funding
  9. Volunteering placement initiatives

Download Welsh copy of Briefing here Organisational Development Stage

Funders have very different requirements for organisational development, governance and accountability. This will guide you through the sort of funds available at growing stages of organisational development progress.  

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