Gem TV Win Prestigious Special Award

Gem TV Win Prestigious Special Award

Gem TV, a group of young, independent, Ethiopian filmmakers have won the 2012 Special Award at the One World Media Awards held in London and Adanech Admassu, Gem TV Film Director, is visiting Valley and Vale Community Arts in Betws to show some of the prize-winning films.

The Special Award, which is sponsored by the Thomson Foundation, recognises an outstanding project working on the ground in the developing world where media activity has made a real impact on people's lives. What makes this award extra special is that it isn’t for a single film but recognises Gem TV’s long-term commitment to filmmaking in Ethiopia, and celebrates the positive effect our films have made to countless people over many years."



Gem TV have made films for UNICEF, UNDP, Oxfam, Water Aid and Womankind; which have

addressed girls’ education, early marriage, health and sanitation, HIV/AIDS, FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and many other developing world issues." 
Their production of ‘behaviour change ‘drama films, has not only raised awareness of important issues but has inspired people all over Ethiopia to make positive changes and improve their lives for themselves.

The Gem TV filmmakers hope the Award will help raise their profile amongst NGOs in Ethiopia for future film projects, and amongst donors and other filmmakers in the international community who share their commitment to filmmaking that makes a positive difference.

For further information or to speak to Adanech Admassu, contact:

Tracy Pallant
Valley and Vale Community Arts
07805 515222

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Gem TV Win Prestigious Special Award

NewsGem TV Win Prestigious Special Award

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